Delingpole: Epic Renewables Fail as Solar Crashes and Wind Refuses to Blow

Oath Keepers calling for volunteers to perform “search and rescue” at suspected child sex trafficking sites in Arizona

Curcumin enhances disease resistance in aquaculture

Seattle Official ‘Would Like To Explore’ Providing Heroin To Addicts At Mobile Safe Injection Site

International Court Throws Out War Crimes Conviction of Congolese Politician

Ancestor of Bubonic Plague Bacteria Found in 3,800 Year-Old Teeth

Greenpeace: Microplastic, Chemical Pollution Widespread in Antarctica

Children at Risk of Death from Heavy Flooding in Somalia

Experts: Suicide Can Be Prevented

Malaysia Steps Up $4.5 Billion Corruption Inquiry

Bomb kills one, injures eight in Iraq's Diyala province: security sources

Saudi Arabia to host meeting over Jordan economic crisis

Greenpeace: Microplastic, Chemical Pollution Widespread in Antarctica

Scientists attempt to make a new range of fermented milk products by fortifying them with lactic acid bacteria

Powerful storm damages houses in Montenegro

China hosts regional leaders amid US tensions over trade, Iran

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